The Point of This Blog


December 5, 2012 by Meg.Lacy

The point of this blog is for me to act like a writer. I know that sounds a little derogatory or even mildy experimental but, don’t be misled. I am a writer. I say this with pride and commitment. I just need a task of writerdom to complete everyday in order to feel like a writer. Its a me thing, not a you thing. 🙂

So, wether it be writing a full blog, reading the blog of another, or making a comment; I commit to spending at least one hour on improving my writing everyday. That means that editing my first book and writing its sequel do not count. I already spend several hours a day doing that and I am pretty sure that spending that much time with the same characters isn’t entirely healthy.

Just a cautionary note: Please don’t expect to see any kind of cohesive thought throughout this blog. I write YA Fiction so I tend to get inspired by a variety of pictures, songs, videos whatever. Meaning you are probably going to see a lot of very random short stories and blurbs accompanied by some type of “inspirational” photo.

In addition to this blog being my accountability buddy, it is also intended to help me gather feedback. I would love to hear you comments, both positive and constructive, regarding my writing. I am not sensitive and will not renege on this statement if you make a comment that is less than friendly toward my writing. Promise.

And FYI punctuation is fair game. I made the choice to get a Bachelors in psych ( Go BRUINS!) and a Masters in the art of teaching to give me more fodder to write about. Unfortunately I remain more or less inept when it comes to punctuation… and maybe grammer too. uhhh writing is an art form right? So abstract may come into play more often than not 🙂 Enjoy.


8 thoughts on “The Point of This Blog

  1. kathunsworth says:

    Can relate I am on the same journey and writing my first novel the thing that scares me the most is the punctuation and grammar, but imagination is the key for me and I could not stop writing if I had to. When I get a chance I will read some of your work I have not been as brave as yet blogging is very new to me still finding my way and my tribe thanks for inspiring me to keep at it.

    • Megan Olson says:

      You are right to focus on creativity! That’s what I did and I was able to finish my novel. If I had become tide up in the grammatical laws of it all I would have drowned in doubt. I would LOVE to hear your feedback on some of my writing if you ever get the chance and I am thrilled to hear I inspired you to keep going. Thanks Kathunsworth!

  2. dearferrero says:

    Grammar is overrated anyway. Good luck with your blog!

  3. Phoenix says:

    I think what I love the most right now is how fearless you are with your writing. Often times, I clam up because I FEEL like I can’t write well enough. But honestly, who CARES, am I right? Just get it out there. Little things like editing we can do later, but getting our thoughts out of our heads and onto paper/computer helps turn it into something.

    • Megan Olson says:

      Exactly!!! To be honest, my first run is always a mess. I just put on music that is a reflection of the type of emotion I want to convey and let myself write. I don’t worry about who is going to read it or how its punctuated, I just let if flow…. Then I edit and its typically in the editing process that things come together. Be fearless! It sounds like you have the right idea 🙂 Thank you for the comment!

  4. Jessica says:

    Good for you! Blogging has definitely helped my writing, too. Keep it up. When you look back, you’ll see that your writing has only been getting better and better. 🙂

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